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Posting date Questions
August 2011 How do Catholics get to Heaven when most of you are not born-again, believing Christians?
August 2011 Will those who don't go to a Catholic Church go to Hell and why would they need to be re-baptized?
August 2011 Can you give me a condensed view of salvation from both a Catholic and Protestant perspective?
August 2011 Can you guys share some other ways to defend the-thief-on-the-cross (doing no works) argument?
August 2011 Does the Catholic Church believe that all Muslims and other non-Christians will go to Hell?
April 2011 Why do you believe in earning your salvation rather than the Bible in Titus 3:5 and Ephesians 2:8?
April 2011 As the Catechism, paragraph 1477 says, did the saints attain their own salvation apart from Christ?
April 2011 Is it fair to say that before Baptism the state of the child is hopelessly lost and self condemned?
April 2011 How do I explain our view of being saved and justified to my non-denominational mother-in-law?
January 2011 Where is original sin in the Old Testament, will non-Catholics be saved, and what about Purgatory?
January 2011 How do I answer my grown son's question: How do I know I am going to Heaven?
January 2011 VIDEO: A Protestant Christian tries to correct the errors heard on the Catholic teaching on justification
January 2011 If I am already saved, does becoming a Catholic mean that my salvation was not real?
January 2011 Is salvation, a free will decision, a prompting by the Holy Spirit, or both a choice and a prompting?
January 2011 Since works are needed, how can a man accept salvation on his death bed with no works?
January 2011 As a Catholic, can you pray to your dead relatives and ask them to pray for you?
January 2011 If Christianity believes, all you have to do is believe in Jesus, can Hitler and Stalin go to Heaven?
January 2011 Do you believe other Christians are saved or just Catholics and do you have to go to Confession?
January 2011 What percent of the souls who have lived, or will ever live, be accepted into Heaven?
January 2011 Contrary to the Scriptures, why does the Church and most Protestant groups teach Original sin?
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