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Posting date Questions
August 2015 Do priests have to give up their Protestant childhood friends?
June 2015 Can you answer some questions on the priesthood for my project on this Vatican II document?
June 2015 If I do become a Dominican priest, who will be my bishop: the local bishop or the Pope?
June 2015 Can you share with me your views on whether priests should remain celibate for my debate?
June 2015 Why are priests referred to as Father?
June 2015 Can you answer some questions related to a priest taking a leave of absence?
January 2015 Can I interview your priest for my assignment: Should Catholic priests be allowed to get married?
January 2015 Why is it priests cannot get married; I think they should have that option?
August 2014 Is a priest that has been laicized automatically in a state of mortal sin and is his soul in danger?
August 2014 How does the Church deal with someone hearing a Confession who is not authorized to do so?
April 2014 Should I lie and hide from my mother my interest in becoming a priest despite her disapproval?
April 2014 Does the Church, Catechism, or Canon Law prohibit Catholic priests from having long hair?
April 2014 Can a divorced man be a Deacon, Priest, or Bishop and do you have to be a virgin to be a priest?
January 2014 Is lying always a sin and should I hide my interest in being a Catholic priest from my mother?
January 2014 How can God bring this man into my life, just to take him away for the priesthood?
January 2014 How did priests get their ability to bless things and people, is it biblical, and what is a blessing?
January 2013 Is it possible for a Catholic boy who is born of a second marriage to become a religious priest?
January 2013 Can you clarify the history of the Divine Mercy prayer and are they sworn to celibacy plus?
January 2013 What happens to a priest who decides that they want to marry?
August 2012 Why did the Lord put these disqualifications on candidates to the priesthood?
August 2012 Where do I go to get a dispensation from a vow I took?
August 2012 Based on 1 Timothy 3:1-13, and Titus 1:6-9 should priests be celibate?
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