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Posting date Questions
August 2020 In order for God to bless our future union, do we need a divorce and is our relationship still sinful?
April 2020 Can I have my lengthy marriage annulled and do I need my ex-spouse so I can marry in the future?
January 2020 How can cohabitation be evil considering we have only had Matrimony since New Testament times?
January 2020 Do you have any advice for worried parents, whose son seems to be in a controlling engagement?
January 2020 Should I pursue a mixed marriage in the Catholic Church only to appease my family members?
April 2019 If I have repented of my sins, lapsed faith, civil marriage and two divorces, can I go to Confession?
April 2019 Is it a sin to love and marry a second cousin and can we have our marriage blessed by the Church?
April 2019 In light of my husband's cheating, a family cover-up, and his health, is it sinful to feel resentment?
April 2019 What is the validity of Protestant and secular marriages and is their conjugal love permissible?
January 2019 Being divorced via the courts, if I meet someone and want to remarry, can I marry in the Church?
January 2019 Since she wasn't a Catholic Christian at the time she was having sex, did she commit adultery?
January 2019 Do you have advice for a friend, who plans to marry, but may be marrying with an extra burden?
January 2019 If I married, without the intention of raising my kids Catholics, is this a cause for an annulment?
January 2019 Can I be married in the Catholic Church though originally I was married in a civil ceremony?
January 2019 How do I survive this marriage seeing I have always dreamed of having a good Catholic family?
January 2019 As a non-Catholic, do I need to officially become Catholic to get married in the Catholic Church?
August 2018 Does Jesus also love those who have separated from their spouse and have not remarried?
August 2018 If I confess my affair will I be forgiven or will I have to share what I've done with my husband?
August 2018 Can a baptized Christian, who loves a Hindu girl, agree to a marriage in line with Hindu traditions?
August 2018 If my son's wife's been seeing another man, and wants a divorce, it is a sin for him to divorce her?
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