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Posting date Questions
January 2012 What changed with Christ's incarnation [or his becoming a man] and his divine life on earth?
January 2012 When was the Church officially recognized and initially have Popes, bishops and priests?
April 2011 Can you tell me the first historic reference of the actual clerical name, "priest"?
January 2011 If Jesus, Mary, and the Apostles practiced the Jewish faith, why did Jesus start His Own Religion?
January 2011 Did the Vatican ordain women to celebrate Mass during the Communist regime of Czechoslovakia?
January 2011 Can you suggest some books on the Crusades so I can give a well-rounded view of what happened?
January 2011 How do we know that the Catholic Church just isn't the oldest man-oriented of denominations?
January 2011 How can I prove that Catholicism is Christian and how do I handle this 'end of the world' talk?
August 2010 Did the pre-Vatican II Church believe Protestants were going to Hell and is there a move back?
August 2010 Why didn't Jesus visit other countries and can one be this close to God without going to church?
August 2010 Where can I order a book on the history of the Church that I can send to my grandson in prison?
August 2010 Where's history from the Early Fathers and why do they call our Church the whore of Babylon?
August 2010 Was 'Till death do us part' in Catholic weddings vows in the 1300s, and If not, when was it part?
August 2010 Was Jesus ever referred to as the Prince of Darkness?
April 2010 Were the Doctors of the Church chosen by the Pope or a council of bishops and was a Mass said?
April 2010 Was Jesus the first religious leader to teach life after death?
April 2010 How did the Twelve Apostles die?
April 2010 How do we know it was a Friday when Jesus was taken down from the Cross?
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