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Lori Townson wrote:

Hi, guys —

When saying in Confession that we pirated computer software and games, do we have to state the price range like the software was about $100 to $150 dollars or is it enough to say for example:

"I pirated 10 pieces of software."?


  { What is the best way to confess pirating computer software and games? }

Mike replied:

Hi Lori,

Thanks for the question.

We are not priests so I would ask your confessor this question and go with what he advises but keep in mind what my colleague Eric said in another posting:

The Confessional is a tribunal of mercy and healing, not of judgment. The point is not to accuse you or impose guilt; the point is to relieve guilt and apply the balm of mercy to sins so that they might be healed.

A sin is like an injury, and the priest is like a doctor.

We should never be trying to hide anything from the Confessor but be honest and open.
Yeah, it maybe a little embarrassing at times, but the spiritual benefits are worth it!

Hope this helps,


Eric replied:

Hi, Lori —

To make a good Confession, you should confess the number of times you did it, and a ballpark figure of what it's worth. So I would agree that you should confess it, as you suggested:

  • ten pieces of software in the hundred dollar range, or
  • if you can't be specific, do the best you can without getting obsessive.


Fr. Jonathan replied:

Hi, Lori —

If the priest is confused, he will ask a question for clarification.

If he doesn't ask — he understood.

Ultimately, it is your sincerity that only God knows.

Fr. Jonathan

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