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Posting date Questions
January 2016 Why does the precept of the Church on Confession differ from other Catholic material I have read?
January 2016 Is it permissible to substitute the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the Divine Office?
August 2015 Are there any traditions related to Mary as a Mother to the Dead and are there ties to St. Francis?
June 2015 Why does the Church have this tradition for praying for those who have passed and why 9 and 40?
June 2015 Why are there 15 Stations of the Cross when there use to only be 14 and what's the history?
June 2015 Can you elaborate on the First Friday devotion and its spiritual benefits?
June 2015 Am I cooperating with their sin by sharing my meat pizza with them on Fridays outside of Lent?
January 2015 In order to give myself to God and dedicate myself to Him, do I have to give up playing the flute?
January 2015 When did the tradition of statue processions begin, what is their purpose, and are they pagan?
August 2014 What does the Bible teach about clean and unclean meats?
April 2014 When we make the Sign of the Cross, should we do it with our right or left hand?
April 2013 Why do we, as Catholics, have images of Jesus Christ in our Church parishes
January 2013 What church has members that wear such clothing?
January 2013 Can you clarify the history of the Divine Mercy prayer and are they sworn to celibacy plus?
January 2013 Can you please suggest a few biblical names for my new home?
January 2013 Do we have to follow these practices and where do unbaptized children go?
August 2012 Why is Jesus still on the Cross in your churches?
August 2012 Can you tell me when the traditional chaplet to St Joseph started?
August 2012 Can you tell me what type of Catholic sacramental I've come across; it has 33 beads?
August 2012 I was wondering about what you thought about other religious symbols, other then the Holy Cross?
August 2012 How long does the precept to receive Holy Communion once a year last?
April 2012 Can you provide the wording for a priest's blessing of a happy death crucifix in English and Latin?
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