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Posting date Questions
April 2019 Do you have advice for my new female friendship In light of my past union and return to the faith?
April 2019 In this marital situation, can a baptized Pentecostal receive the sacraments at the Easter Vigil?
April 2019 Do you have good advice for someone being drawn to the Lord while practicing the Catholic faith?
April 2019 Do expectations vary among parishes for new Catholics, what do I learn first, and how do I fit in?
April 2019 What is the next step for a teen, whose parents stopped going to Church, to return to the faith?
April 2019 As a Catholic convert, can I offer a Mass for my non-Catholic parents?
April 2019 What would be a good Study Bible, recognized by the Church, for someone new to Catholicism?
April 2019 What is the equivalent Catholic book to the Episcopal church's 'Book of Common Prayer'?
April 2019 Since I have anxiety about telling a person my darkest faults is there an alternative to Confession?
April 2019 Can you help me with these philosophical ideas about faith and belief related to the Eucharist?
January 2019 Will you be able to run the Free Catechism of the Catholic Church and Rosary programs again?
January 2019 Since I want return, can you assist me in where I belong when I have no history as a Catholic?
January 2019 Can you please tell me how a Hindu woman in India can become a Catholic Christian?
January 2019 Can you give a Mormon, thinking about joining the Church, the rundown on crucial Church beliefs?
January 2019 If I become a Christian, can I keep my faith secretly from my really strict Muslim family members?
January 2019 As a non-Catholic, do I need to officially become Catholic to get married in the Catholic Church?
January 2019 Can you advise my daughter who wants to come back to Church but has had an abortion?
January 2019 Can I receive Holy Communion at Mass if we were divorced, but only my ex— wife remarried?
January 2019 As an Orthodox Christian, how can I become a Catholic Christian and do I have to take RCIA?
January 2019 As I'm considering joining the faith, how do I handle my problem with a pathological level of lying?
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