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Posting date Questions
April 2008 Can a convert in RCIA from a church with a valid Eucharist, receive the Eucharist in the Catholic Church?
April 2008 How do I explain to my 4-year-old daughter that we are not eating a dead Jesus?
November 2007 Do priests also have to abstain from food and drink one hour before receiving Holy Communion?
November 2007 Why is a Marian devotion being brought to the forefront to Christ in Adoration?
November 2007 Can you receive Holy Communion if you don't understand papal Infallibility and the Assumption?
April 2007 Is it proper for us to hold hands in church while we are praying the Our Father prayer at Mass?
April 2007 Is there any other way for me to receive Holy Communion?
September 2006 How many times can a Catholic receive Holy Communion in one day?
September 2006 Why can't my new baby be baptized and receive the Eucharist like Orthodox Christians do?
September 2006 Are RCIA students in classes supposed to leave before Communion, or remain for the whole Mass?
April 2006 In the absence of a priest, may Catholics receive valid sacraments from these other priests?
April 2006 Are we being to rigid with the elderly in nursing homes in reserving the Eucharist for Catholics?
October 2005 Can you help explain to my Protestant husband why he cannot receive Communion in our Church?
April 2005 Does this young girl have a good reason to petition the Vatican for an exception due to Celiac Disease?
April 2005 Before I write to the priest, can you show me where the details of intinction are discussed in Canon Law?
April 2005 Is a seeking, divorced, Protestant Christian permitted to partake in the Eucharist?
April 2005 Why can't a future Catholic covert also receive Communion at his daughter's Episcopalian confirmation?
April 2005 Is this priest validly celebrating the Mass and is he allowed to sit with the congregation?
April 2005 Does the Catholic Church officially teach that we actually become the Body and Blood of Christ when we receive Holy Communion?
November 2003 For my Religion final: Can Transubstantiation and transmutation be used interchangeably?
November 2003 Where can I find a document from the Vatican on how I should receive Holy Communion?
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