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Questions about Confession, also know as Reconciliation or Penance.
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Posting date Questions
August 2021 If you were ignorant to confessing the number of mortal sins, do you have to disclose them next time?
August 2021 Is saying this good enough in Confession or do I have to actually say the word "masturbation"?
April 2021 What is the proper vestment for a bishop who would administer the Sacrament of Reconciliation?
April 2021 To confess sexual sins, do I have to be specific or can I just say, "I looked at impure images"?
January 2021 What is the official teaching (in Church writings) on perfect contrition and imperfect contrition?
January 2021 Is the absolution of an accomplice in a sin against the sixth commandment taken to the Holy See?
August 2020 Since Jesus is the only One who can forgive sins, why go to the pope or priests for forgiveness?
August 2020 What is sodomy and what if I want to go to Confession (for mortal sins) but my parents disallow it?
April 2020 How do you confess specific sins, like "giving scandal" when you go to Confession?
April 2020 Am I still absolved from my sins if I didn't tell him any of my sins or should I go back and try again?
April 2020 If I follow Pope Francis' guidance, will I receive a general absolution without waiting for my priest?
January 2020 Can I confess my sins to a friend instead of to a priest and be forgiven; and are swear words sinful?
January 2020 If someone hasn't finished their penance, can they still go to Communion and what if they forget?
January 2020 After a good Confession, when I fall again, how do I persuade myself not to give in to sin again?
January 2020 What if I desire a good Confession but can't remember whether I confessed sins from long ago?
January 2020 If you didn't grasp your penance until after leaving Confession, should you bring it up next time?
January 2020 In this situation, is this scrupulosity on my part or is it a sin I should go to Confession for?
January 2020 Can I participate outside the Church and why does the memory of sin remain, after Confession?
January 2020 What is Communal Reconciliation or does this go under a different Church definition?
August 2019
April 2019 Since I have anxiety about telling a person my darkest faults is there an alternative to Confession?
January 2019 As a young Catholic, besides going to Reconciliation, what else can I do to make God forgive me?
January 2019 What should I do if the priest cannot grant absolution to the sinner?
August 2018 Do two Catholics who are having sex with different people have a correct notion of forgiveness?
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