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Posting date Questions
August 2017 If they were married by a non-Catholic minister, could they renew their vows later in the Church?
April 2017 Is an annulment still required to make my 2nd marriage blessed and how do I handle this Catch 22?
April 2017 Is there any chance of annulment or am I going to have to go it alone unloved?
January 2017 What's the Church's advice on shared parenting amid two homes while a divorce is being finalized?
January 2017 What is the standing of civilly-divorced Catholics and what can they do in the Church?
January 2017 Am I still married and how do I handle this call to heal while trying to find another mate?
January 2017 Can a Catholic receive absolution later for marrying a Protestant with a non-annulled marriage?
August 2016 What choices do we have and If we are not divorced through the courts can we get an annulment?
August 2016 Since he has no interest in his faith or the sacrament of Matrimony, should I still marry him?
August 2016 What would our options be for a Catholic wedding idea later, to fulfill his familial obligation?
August 2016 IIs it alright for a divorcee with a partner, whose annulment is incomplete, to talk about chastity?
August 2016 Seeing I want to end the marriage, can you answer the following divorce and legal questions?
April 2016 Does my fiancé have to first be baptized a Catholic in order to receive the Pauline Privilege?
April 2016 Can you please address these important issues related to the annulment changes by Pope Francis?
April 2016 What should I do if my husband wants a divorce and an annulment but I want marriage counseling?
April 2016 Seeing I am being drawn to the Church, will the Church recognize our marriage?
January 2016 Despite my marital infidelities, If I accepted Christ would I be saved living in God's Kingdom?
January 2016 We were both married and she was never a Catholic so how do we become a part of the faith?
January 2016 If we are living together with children, can we marry civilly and still have a real Church wedding?
January 2016 Does an interested non-Catholic need an annulment if she and her ex— were married before?
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