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Anna Anonymous wrote:

Hi, guys —

Thank you for being here. You have been a great help to many people. I hope you can answer my question:

  • If I was to have my uterus removed to relieve chronic pain, would it then be a sin to be intimate with my husband?
  • Could it be God's will for me to carry this cross?

I'm just not sure.


  { If my uterus is removed to relieve chronic pain, would conjugal relations with my hubby be a sin? }

Paul replied:

Dear Anna —

Good question.

If removal of the uterus is necessary for the overall health of the body, there would be no reason, morally, why resumption of conjugal relations should not continue as desired.

The Church teaches that married couples must be open to both the unitive and procreative dimensions of marriage; and your concern about both is proper and admirable. However, the principle of totality states that removal of a diseased body part is justified for the life and health of the whole person.

In your case, you do remain open to the procreative meaning of sexuality despite your necessary operation, so there would be no moral problem.

As for carrying your cross, we all need to do that in one way or another. It is between you and your doctor as to whether the procedure is truly needed. Prayer might help you discern what your crosses are or should be.



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