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Thomas Palman wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is stimulation of wife's genitals by husband a sin even as a foreplay or is it considered as masturbation?
  • Is sexual stimulation of spouse's genitals considered as masturbation when:
    • the wife has undergone a caesarean section for 3 or 4 times for child birth
    • where another child birth can be very dangerous, and
    • both spouses want to avoid the danger caused by another pregnancy?
  • Does it become a mortal sin because it does not allow another child to be born into the world?
  • Is the act of spouses sexually stimulating each other's body, like kissing body parts excluding genitals or including genitals without procreative acts which include vaginal intercourse:
    • considered as (lust or a mortal sin) or
    • is it considered as a permitted sexual act?
  • Are there any other sexual acts other than vaginal intercourse or the act of procreation between spouses in marriage, that are considered a mortal sin?

From the Catholic perspective, is the explanation given in the site correct or not because, from my perspective, it says every sexual act other than vaginal intercourse is a grave sin and what they say does not comply with the explanation given in the EWTN forum.


  { What sexual play and pleasure is allowed between a husband and wife in Marriage? }

Bob replied:


The context for all sexual acts is marriage, and then within marriage those acts are part of a unitive and pro-creative bond. So, if one or more of those elements is deliberately avoided (like procreation), it disfigures the act.

So foreplay is fine but it needs to be part of the whole — the conjugal act, otherwise it is simply masturbation — the desire for pleasure without openness to life.


Bob Kirby

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