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Ady wrote:

Hi, guys —

The Jehovah Witnesses quote from a new world translation (nwt) of the Holy Scriptures which translates John 1:1 as:

"the word was divine."

  • Is this a good translation?

Also they quote "the (nwt) of the new testament" which translates:

"the word was with God and shared his nature."

  • Are these Bibles to be trusted; I've never heard of them before?


  { Is this a good translation of this Bible passage and can we trust this translation of the Bible? }

Paul replied:

Hi, Ady —

No bible that re-translates the original language into something that it's not, because of a theological agenda, should be trusted.

The translation to be trusted, backed up by history, sacred Authority, and sacred Tradition is thus:

In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God. (John 1:1)

This beautiful line from John's introduction speaks of the divine Word as the second Person of God, sharing the divine nature in the beginning — for He was with God and He was God.



Ady replied:

Hi Paul,

Thank you for that answer!

  • Can you please tell me where I can find who are the authors of those bibles?

I tried to look them but I couldn't find anything.

I would really appreciate further help.

Thank you,


Mike replied:

Hi, Ady —

The new world translation (nwt) of their bible has no authority whatsoever even in basic Christian circles.

Why would you be interested in finding the authors of a bible that has no authority. The same is true for all Protestants Bibles. Protestants Bibles only have as much authority to the degree that they agree with Catholic bibles.

These postings should address the rest of your question:


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