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Posting date Questions
May 2009 Is it true that the host or wafer literally turns into the Body of Christ during Holy Communion?
May 2009 Though married civilly, will I ever be able to receive Communion and get my marriage blessed?
May 2009 Can a divorced Catholic receive Holy Communion?
May 2009 With this marital background, can she make her First Communion and receive future sacraments?
May 2009 While seeking a divorce due to abusive behavior, does she have to wait to receive Communion?
May 2009 Can you tell me what is going on seeig I feel that I should not be receiving Holy Communion?
May 2009 Can you answer questions on the Eucharist, Clement's use of speech, and Good Friday customs?
May 2009 Is the only way I can receive Communion to get an annulment and how do annulments work?
May 2009 What am I missing from a correct Catholic understanding of Holy Communion and the Last Supper?
May 2009 Since I haven't been to Church in a while, should I go to Confession before receiving Communion?
February 2009 If the consecrated host is transformed into Christ's Body, why does it still contain wheat?
October 2008 How can I rebut this guy's idea that Augustine didn't believe in the Real Presence as we do?
October 2008 Why does the Church forbid the Eucharist to divorced people?
October 2008 If I agreed to abstain from sex, could I be admitted to the Church and receive Communion?
July 2008 Can you provide verses backing the reception of the Body and Blood of Jesus in Holy Communion?
July 2008 If a Lutheran has been invited to a friend's daughter's First Communion, can they receive there?
July 2008 How many times in one day may I receive Holy Communion?
April 2008 Is Confession needed if I went to a communal penance service but didn't note leaving the Church?
April 2008 Can you clarify why we can now touch the Blessed Host at Mass when I was brought up not to?
April 2008 How do I explain why my non-Catholic friends are excluded from receiving Communion at Mass?
April 2008 Can a woman who is pregnant and not married receive communion?
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