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Fabiola Fahey wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Why did Jehovah Witness' change John 1:1?

A friend of mine who is a Jehovah Witness told me that the word "god" in John 1 is different from the word God, so that Jesus was "a god", not God.

  • Is this true?

He gave me this:

En Arche en ho logos kai ho logos en pros ton theon kai theos en ho logos

  • Also are they the only ones that changed God to god in the bible or are there other religions?

I hope you answer and thank you!


  { Why did Jehovah Witness' change John 1:1? }

and in a similar question:

Adilene Magana wrote:

Hi, guys —

If you could please answer this very important question, it would be appreciated.

I have a friend who is a Jehovah Witness and we were talking about Jesus being God. I told him one of the ways you can know He is God is because the Bible says God created everything alone and it also says Jesus was the Creator, but he says creation was through Jesus, not that Jesus was the Creator. This was his response to the passages I gave him:

From Isaiah, the (parenthesis) are his comments

"You are God, You alone (by himself is God, not three persons in one), .... You have made heaven and earth. (but not necessarily by himself)

Another version:

I am the LORD, who makes all things (but not necessarily by himself), who stretches out the heavens all alone, who spreads abroad the earth by myself. (He roams wherever without anyone, He doesn't need anyone, He is the Almighty.)

Isaiah 44:24

Please can you also explain these passages to me:

  • Proverbs 8:27-30
  • John 1:3).

They seem to support his theory.


  { Do these passages support this Jehovah Witness' position? }

Mike replied:

Dear Fabiola,

You can find that answer, and many others, in our knowledge base.

Feel free to search it for an instant answer to your questions.

Try it next time!

I searched for you and found we have a lot of postings on this topic here:
[There are three pages worth.]

These postings should help answer your question and related questions from your Jehovah Witness friend.

I don't know if the Jehovah Witness' are the only non-Christian group to change God to god.

Hope this helps,


Eric replied:

Dear Fabiola,

Jehovah's Witnesses changed John 1:1 because it's a key text that supports the doctrine that Jesus is God, a doctrine they deny.


for more information.


Mike replied:

Dear Adilene,

I'm not strong on those portions of the Scriptures but these postings and Eric's suggestions above should help answer some of the questions your Jehovah Witness friend is asking you.

You can find that answer, and many others, in our knowledge base.
Feel free to search it for an instant answers to your questions.

Try it next time!


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