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Posting date Questions
April 2014 What should expectations be for parents of a homosexual son when we are paying for school?
April 2014 What does the Church have to say to members who are not against gay marriage?
January 2014 What advice do you have for a homosexual teenage afraid to tell their parents he is homosexual?
January 2014 Is there any hope that I can join the Church if I don't believe everything in the Catechism?
January 2014 What is the Vatican's position on a man marrying a transman?
August 2013 If I have found my faith and repudiated my homosexual lifestyle, how do I tell this to a priest?
August 2013 What is the Catholic Church's belief on whether babies are born with a homosexual tendency?
August 2013 Why do some people act this way and should we shun these people or make peace with them?
August 2013 Can't people of the same sex who love each other be productive, loving members of society?
August 2013 How should I respond to these arguments against traditional marriage?
August 2013 What should I do if I feel drawn to Catholicism but deplore its core beliefs?
August 2013 Don't you fear the Church could be unintentionally prejudice against others for being different?
April 2013 Why Homosexual Unions Are Not Marriages from our colleagues at Catholic Answers with an appended update.
April 2013 Why is sexual gratification and our sex drive a sin when they are good for you?
April 2013 What right does the Church have to be involved in people's lives and in these social issues?
April 2013 Why is the Church more accepting of those not to be married with a child but not gay people?
January 2013 Is homosexuality mentioned anywhere in the Old or New Testament and when is it a sin?
January 2013 If I have gay friends who I care about, but don't accept their lifestyle, should I change churches?
January 2013 Is homosexuality really that bad and what does my girlfriend do if she's hooked to this lifestyle?
August 2012 Where does the Catholic Church stand on same-sex "marriage"?
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