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Fr. Richard John Neuhaus R.I.P.Fr. Richard John Neuhaus R.I.P. 1936 to January 8, 2009
1936 to January 8, 2009

In Public terms, he had 2 huge ideas that changed America:

  1. the idea of the Supreme Court's tendency since 1947 to put
    No Establishment and the Free exercise of Religion against each other, seemed to him fundamentally wrong-headed and a basic misreading of the Constitution. The whole point of not having a government-established church is to create the free space for the free exercise of belief.

  2. the idea that the pro-life movement is the natural, moral successor to the civil rights movement because the moral truths, on which the pro-life movement is based, are the same moral truths that inform the struggle for civil rights.

George Weigel
Catholic Author and Theologian

Pregnant women need loving support, NOT an abortion. The Church WILL help you at Priests for Life. Find a center near YOU today!

  • Recovering from the mistake? Get support.
  • Are you a member of Planned Parenthood who has thought about leaving the organization? (You're not the only one.)
  • Hear those who work for Planned Parenthood right within their clinic!
April 2022 Is my ex— going to Hell for intimidating me to have a forced abortion I never wanted?
April 2022 Is the anxiety over making a lot of money for a future Catholic family, a spiritually sound desire?
April 2022 How can my Catholic girlfriend and I get past our different beliefs on certain religious issues?
January 2022 Am I wrong in not to let my daughter's boyfriend occasionally spend the night at my home?
January 2022 If I have had a vasectomy, can a husband ejaculate outside the conjugal embrace with my wife?
January 2022 If the husband cannot ejaculate into his wife's vagina, can he still stimulate his wife to climax?
January 2022 Am I a bad person since I'm addicted to sex, porn, and masturbation — it's the only sin in my life?
January 2022 Due to my health issues, is it OK to use sex aids to reach climax, then embrace, after her orgasm?
January 2022 Given we are both seniors, what kind of sex is permitted, and not permitted, in our marriage?
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